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Power of the Ďstache


A lot has been made of the trouble Iran is causing lately. Cable news networks abound with stories about President Ahmadinejadís steadfast desire for nukes and the destruction of Israel. He is shouting all the classic rhetoric about US being the great Satan, secularism being the great Satan, Zionism being the great Satan etc etc...ya know, the usual. Yet despite his overt hostility, I think everyone takes him a little lightly because he doesnít look like such a bad guy.

A. He plays the moustache off the beard and it makes him a lot less intimidating.

How terrifying are old men with just moustaches? Take our ambassador to the UN John Bolton. Hey France--hope you had fun giving the US a hard time about Iraq...have fun dealing with this dude for the next four years. And then thereís Wilfred Brimley who is one of the most intimidating people in film and TV despite being short and out of shape. Iím pretty sure these are the guys every kid has to face after driving a baseball through your next door neighbor's window. They look like angry dogs for some reason.

B. But I digress--so besides the beard thing, the President in Tehran is always rocking the business casual attire. He doesnít exactly eschew the western garb but he goes more for the itís always casual Friday/my kids little Bobby and Jenny Ahmadinejad got me an outfit from GAP December 23rd cause they hadnít picked out a Christmas gift and just threw something together but I still wear it everyday cause I have nothing else kind of look. How seriously can you take the whole nuclear proliferation thing when the guy is one step away from wacky tacky tie day?

Anyway, I still think the Iranian government is just sitting on E-Trade picking up oil futures the day before one of these angry "you are all gonna be sorry" kinda speeches. Until next time all.

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