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Paths of Glory: The Wizard's Tower, Page 1

Rich Cerow

Note: For legal reasons, I can't use the actual name of the book series I'm referencing here, so I came up with my own. I'm sure everybody can figure out what I'm referring to.

The old hag looked at you with her one good eye. "You must partake a long and arduous journey, youngling," she croaked, "one fraught with many dangers, but also much reward. You must travel to the Wizard's Tower, beyond Salazar's Bog, and atop Mount Doom, where you will confront Dalingrad the Terrible and smash his Orb of Power. Should you succeed, you will free Infinitia from his terrible tyranny."
Go on this quest or I will kiss you.

You glance around the dimly-lit tavern, taking in the host of revelry before you: ogres arm wrestling, orcs overimbibing mead, elves trying their magicall-enhanced luck at the games of chance, and Farthinon the Dwarf keeping watchful eye over his clientele. Why, of all those here, all the mighty warriors that have passed through this meadhall, have you been chosen to take on such a daring and dangerous quest? You are just a poor, orphaned farmhand, who has never been thought of as much all your life. Who could ever expect great things from such humble beginnings?

Sensing your discomfort, the disfigured hag quickly barks, "It is not yours to know why you have been chosen, only that you have. And the quest I have set before you is of the utmost importance. Soon, Dalingrad's Orb will be at full strength, after he's absorbed a thousand more souls, and then, truly, there will be no stopping him."

You begin to wonder why, if Dalingrad is to become so dangerous, action wasn't taken sooner, perhaps long before he was to become all-powerful, so that if you failed somebody else could try again?

"You must make haste!" snaps the hag. "You require two items before you can defeat the evil wizard and smash his orb. The first is the famed Sword of Parthenius, which lies lost in the West. Second, you must locate the Wizard's Key, to gain entrance to the tower. It is guarded by a fierce dragon, and lies in the Zarantorn Caves to the North. Go, now, and save Infinitia from certain peril!"

To travel to the West and search for the lost sword, turn to page two.

To travel to the North and battle the dragon for the Wizard's Key, turn to page three.

To travel to the South and confront the Wizard immediately, turn to page four.