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Paths of Glory, Book 2: The Tesla Connection, Page 2

Rich Cerow

The laser training program was developed from the ancient human custom of gathering in a football stadium and swaying side-to-side in an effort to dodge light beams.
ZAP! You are a natural with your space blaster. The stranger claims he's never seen anybody move with such grace and hit all the robo-targets on their first run-through before. The slight swelling of pride you feel as you holster your weapon, combined with the hooded stranger's constant praise of your innate fighting abilities make you feel as though you've chosen wisely by following this stranger deeper into his secret lair. "The Zargons won't know what hit 'em when you come in guns blazing, kid," says the mysterious stranger. "But you're training is not complete. Please, follow me."

As you walk into a dimly lit hover-hall, you can't help but feel uneasy. Sensing your discomfort, the stranger speaks. "Do not fear, child. One such as yourself requires more than our standard combat training. To truly lead, and to be able to slay the great Zargon beasts and lords, you must be more proficient than with a mere space blaster. You must know all of our society's secrets, and your mind must be attuned to the workings of the galaxy so that you may best even the most fearsome foe. You must be taught the ways of...The Power."

As depicted in this religious relief, it is thought the Hands of God often wave a laser sword around in space to discourage the Devil Moon from attacking innocent beings.
As you approach the end of the hall, you see two large hydrodoors open up before you. Inside, you see several black-robe clad warriors engaging in battle with...laser swords! The last time you saw one of those was when you slept in the Museum of Ancient Space History in Alpha Sector 9. What hope could this society possibly have to defend against a Zargon invasion using such primitive devices?

"The laser sword is merely a channel, an extension of youself. And yourself is merely an extension of The Power. According to the transitive property, then the laser sword is a channel for The Power. You will learn, in time, to trust The Power as your greatest strength, and your opponent's lack of faith in it as his greatest weakness. Focusing on the laser sword will allow you to learn to concentrate, and meditate, and feel The Power flowing all around you. And you will be able to draw from that Power, and use it for the good of all SR-388ians, as well as all living beings in this galaxy. You will draw on their strength in the battle against the evil Zargons, the strength of every victim of oppression. You are destined to be the greatest channel for The Power this galaxy has ever seen; you will be The Orb. But, come, I get ahead of myself. We must first begin your training with this ancient and time-honored weapon."

Do you feel flush with faith and pride at your anointed position and begin your laser sword training? Turn to page 4.

Does all this hokum make you want to retch? Would you rather stick with your space blaster and blow those aliens away without all the hocus pocus? Turn to page 5.