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Paths of Glory, Book 2: The Tesla Connection, Page 1

Rich Cerow

The Space Cadets are playing the Black Holes in a rousing game of zero-gravity saucer ball at that Astro Dome later.
The moons of SR-388 are shining brightly this evening. It is multi-lunar equinox, after all, and the planet prepares for its annual Starsmasher holiday, where the heroes of yester-spaceyear are remembered for all their heroic deeds in freeing your homeplanet from under the tyranny of the evil Zargons. But while the children are playing and the parents prepare Gorkon roasts and fried Zitteren squares, you find yourself, a poor orphaned child who begs for space credits on the hydraulic lift corners, pulling on a brand new holodex suit and speaking with a mysterious stranger, who seems to know more about you than any stranger reasonably space-should.

"You have the cut of a fine space adventurer, young derring-doer, in that holodex suit. You remind me of the ancient saviors that we celebrate on this glorious day, with the moons in alignment basking us in their holy light. There are great plans for you. I know, this may be frightening, but the ancient prophecies have foretold it - one day, the Zargons will rise again. And when they do, we need to be prepared. That is why this order you have been selected for was founded by the Great Ensign Wesley Crusher, so that when the vile species does rise again in an attempt to enslave us, we great SR-388ians will be prepared," the mysterious stranger explains to you.

The lightning bolt symbolizes Zues, who is in vogue in the future.
"You, though, are not merely destined to be one of your rank and file soldiers. The great oracle foretold of a child, born under Hecta's Comet, who would bear the mark of Crusher, two suns forming into one. You, child, have that mark. And it is you who will finally lead us in glorious battle to the utter defeat of our alien enemies. But first you must be trained, be prepared for the fate that awaits you. So, come, you must learn the martial ways of our secret society..."

This mysterious stranger certainly puzzles you, but he does seem to be aware of the birthmark that has plagued you every time you had to shower in gym class. Not only that, he has taken you off the streets and given you a warm bed and the hippest new version of the one outfit that everybody in this futuristic society wears. So you think you'll go along with his ramblings for now. It never hurts to learn a new way to care of yourself on the street, if the need be.

Of course, this could all be leading to a dastardly trap by this scoundrel. What do you do?

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