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Business Cards

By Drew McEleney

Many moons ago the business world came up with a clever way of allowing two people quickly exchange essential contact information. You may have guessed that this practice is mainly geared toward furthering business goals by advertising yourself in a community of peers but this is not the case.

The first business card printed on the first piece of papyrus in ancient Egypt was not used for business but rather to pick up a lady at a bar on the banks of the Nile. Little has changed in the 1000s of years since that fateful pickup attempt.

The card emits an awesome wailing sound.
Today young professionals graduate from college and sell their soul to the corporate world for business cards. This is like the currency of the real world ... ok the currency of the real world is well - currency but stick with me. For every business card given out for a legitimate business reason, 10 are passed out to members of the opposite sex on the off chance that the special someone in question will think that “Waste Management Supervisor” means something more than “Garbage man.”

This brings us to the natural extension of web site promotion and more importantly hitting on women under the guise of web site promotion. For this reason we are proud to present you ladies (and yes dudes if we still have any left at the end of a hard night’s drinking) with the most kick-ass outta this world fantastic business card created to date. The business card is now available via direct contact with Rich, Jim, or Me.

If you are one of the lucky few that receives one of these limited edition babies consider yourself blessed because it means you totally wail and / or are a moderately attractive woman. There are only 1,000 to go around so get them while they are hot.

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