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90 Second Movie Review: A Lot Like Love

Rich Cerow

Movie, I think since the beginning of time, have been pushing this concept of “two people are friends and they’re perfect for each other but they keep making bad decisions and there’s probably some evil fiancée who at the last minute is going to try and keep them apart and even though he’s openly slimy the girl,
Best buddies always lay knee-to-knee.
who in all other respects is perfect, is too much of a dunderhead to see this and so she’s just about to get married when the platonic best friend bursts in and gives a rousing speech pledging his undying love for her and they both realize that what they’ve always wanted has been right in front of them all along and how could they miss it?A Lot Like Love is just another in a long line of these movies, but people never seem to get sick of them. This is probably because, really, in these “platonic” male/female best friend situations, one of those two is always in love with the other person but too afraid to admit it. And these movies give them hope, that someday it will all work out. And so they keep paying money for them, and probably seeing them with the person they’re secretly in love with, hoping it will open their eyes to the possibilities around them and then they’ll totally fall in love with their best “friend” and drive a T-bird into the sky, like at the end of Grease. This is not a totally bad plan, but if you’re going to go through with it, I suggest that the evil fiancée have slicked-back black hair and a thoroughly soulless corporate job, like “stockbroker” or something. That way, we, as an audience can identify him as evil.

What your girlfriend will think of you if you take her to see A Lot Like Love: At first she will think you’re a little angel for taking her to see something she wants to see for once, and something that doesn’t involve lots of explosions. But quickly she will come to realize that this is all part of your passive-aggressive plan to break up with her; secretly, she’s supposed to realize that you are the slimy fiancée and she’d be much better off with Brad, who she’s known since they were kids and always got along with so well, but, I don’t know, nothing ever really happened there. I suggest you grow a mustache before seeing this movie to emphasize your point.

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