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90 Second Movie Review: Domino

Rich Cerow

Domino here actually doesn’t look half bad, but that’s not the point of these reviews. Basically, during the course of viewing the trailer for Domino, I just kept thinking about dominoes (and, somewhat more specifically, the copy of Domino Rally I had as a kid which took hours to set up and never, ever worked. Then you lost a couple of pieces and the whole thing being entirely useless. Okay, you could send away for replacement parts, but those had to come in the mail, but that would have taken forever, and I wanted to launch that Styrofoam rocket ship three inches off the ground right now).
This is the big Oscar scene where a character is dying and says, "domino" three times in a husky voice.
The game dominoes is not played nearly often enough anymore. I can remember a heady time in the early 90’s when you couldn’t flip on MTV without seeing a game of dominoes (often interrupted by someone upturning the table) being played at a party or barbecue in a gangsta rap video. This regularly featured someone aggressively slapping down a domino with a huge, gold tooth-filled grin on their face, apparently in victory (this generally preceded said upturning at one of the hands of the defeated). For some reason, though rap videos today, even when they prominently feature parties (barbecues seem to have fallen by the wayside as well), don’t tend to have the domino scene inserted. Also, not many of the fridges are exclusively stocked with malt liquor forties, which are then proudly displayed by emaciated Long Beach rappers. Basically, what I’m getting at is I miss the video for Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang.” They should put that one back in heavy rotation. These youngsters today don’t know what’s what.

What your girlfriend will think of you if you take her to see Domino: That you simply want to see the latest entry in the oeuvre of Top Gun filmmaker Tony Scott. In which case, I salute your fine cinematic taste. I only pray that Domino features as many fantastic high-fives and as much greased-up volleyball on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Oh, and a character named “Goose.”

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